Broken Tree Earrings

Broken Tree Earrings
Broken Tree Earrings
Broken Tree Earrings
Broken Tree Earrings

Broken doesn’t mean failed,
broken doesn’t mean dead and gone.
Broken is just a chance
to grow back a little stronger
and a little more you. 

Where I live, I am blessed to be surrounded by these glorious huge Southern Live Oaks. These are enormous trees in every sense of the word, and most of the ones around me have sustained some significant damage in the hurricanes of the past decades. Some have branches that partially snapped and fell to the ground; some ended up with half their roots to the sky and their trunks on the ground. And like trees are wont to do, all of these trees kept right on growing, becoming even more incredible for the shapes and forms they took in order to keep growing. (One, right in front of my house, reaches over two stories tall – after being torn out of the ground at it’s roots and knocked on it’s side. Another has these branches as big around as you or I that flow sinuously along the ground, like a sea monster somehow learned how to swim in the dirt.) They are all enormous, hung with moss, hosts to ferns and vines, and jaw dropping in their resilience majesty, all the more memorable for those healed breaks that make them unique.

These trees, they are more beautiful and breathtaking for having fallen down, being broken, torn out by the roots, and for refusing to give up. They are made greater, stronger, and more awe-inspiring as a result of the forms they took to heal after the damage sustained.

You and I? We’re no different. Our healed breaks and re-rooting after being torn out of the earth, those are what make us special, stronger, and more beautiful in the end. It’s our grace in surviving that makes us magnificent, just like those incredible Broken Trees that refused to give up.


Length: Just a little bit under 2 inches, including ear wires.
Width: 1″ across, or about the size of a US quarter. 
Materials:Your choice of a wide range of metals, with fine silver or niobium ear wires.
Time To Ship: Made to order in 3-4 weeks.

Comes in a black velvet gift bag. Platinum, solid 14k, solid 18k, solid 14k Rose Gold, and solid White Gold come in a gift box.