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Gorgeous, well-crafted writing instrument!

This pen is amazing- lovely deep colors in the resin, and the antiqued brass fittings make such a gorgeous contrast. I love it!

Perfect for Any Collection

This is a fantastic addition to my collection. I own several original paintings and prints. This piece is no less detailed than any of Markov's other work. The color is bright and beautiful, their voice loud and clear. These meditation pieces are a great entry place to start collecting original art from this artist or to round out an existing collection.

Unleashed Lustre-Finish Framed Photo Poster


Beautiful and useful pen to brighten moments using or to give as a gift.

Fidget Pen in Prussian Gold

I love my new pen. It fits my hand perfectly. I don’t feel like it’s too thin or fat. The ink flows great without smudging. The color is just gorgeous.


Loved pen!


So beautiful, plus, the pen feels amazing to write with. It has a nice weight to hold. The fidget piece is very cool for the anxious fidgeted as well.


I have been lusting over this pen on the website for months & I knew I had to have it before someone else snagged it. "I deserve nice things" I said as I added to cart! It's so much more than just a pen - it's a gorgeous piece of art! It glides on paper smoothly, has a good weight to it & thick enough to not fatigue my hand. I have carpal tunnel and writing often causes me to take breaks. Because of the thickness & weight I have less flare ups. Glad I made the investment in the art, a gift for myself, and a better tool for writing.