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Lovely pen

This pen is wonderful. Very comfortable in my hand. The pen is beautifully made, everything from the resin to the metal on the pen is made by Abigail. I’ve received compliments whenever I use it. Looking forward to purchasing more pens from Abigail!

Great writer + beautiful pen

I love, love, love my Bebe, which feels unlike any other small maker’s pen—or any pen, really—in my collection. The attention to detail (and how the pen writes, because of the smaller grip section), as well as the beauty and uniqueness of the resin, really set this one apart. I love it so much that I accidentally purchased three more Bebes today. I couldn’t help it! These babies (or Bebes!) are going to help me finish my book, I swear!

A Stunning Pen!

Every pen I get keeps getting better and better. This one is no different. Such beautiful colors, amazing feel in the hand, and a joy to behold.

Incredible craftsmanship and beauty

To say I was astounded by the quality and beauty of this pen is a big understatement. I knew it was going to be fabulous but was blown away when I saw it for the first time. Abby is such a talent and it is clear that she has worked so hard at perfecting these pens into something out of this world. Worth every dollar spent. Weight and feel of the pen is perfection! I am sure I’ll be buying more in the future!

Bebe Fountain Pen in Ilektra

Beautifully packaged, clearly with care and an eye toward the whole effect! Reaching the pen was then the climax it was intended to be! Beautiful body - swirls of purple and sparkle just as I saw on the website photo, and all the more thrilling: made by a single craftsperson from start to finish!

The pen itself is slightly less hefty than I would usually choose; I realize this is a personal thing -- pens that sit heavy in the hand don't bother me at all.

The EF point writes smoothly, and I fitted it with a Pelikan 4000 cartridge (after trying a few others). I'll be back when I've experiemented with some of Abigail's recommended converters, as well.

Very happy; looking forward to years of good service from this one!

Beautiful Pen and Stiletto

The Bebe Pen in Chaos Magic is gorgeous, and writes like a dream. It handles shimmer inks without problem, having a wonderfully juicy feed. A little wider than some mass-market pens, it’s actually perfect for my hand. I would strongly recommend to anyone that they get their own Bebe pen!

The stiletto is also gorgeous! Again, the wider handle is perfect for my hand. I appreciate the ability to stow the pointed end inside the body, making it safe to take along when I travel to sewing sessions.

Beautiful Pen!

Gorgeous material.
Great customer service.
If it fit a full size converter (sadly, it only fits a short) it would have 5 stars.

A Gorgeous Writing Instrument

I love this pen so much! Knowing that it was made by an artisan only makes it more meaningful. Abigail chose the flex nib for me, and it's amazing. I couldn't be happier.

Beautiful inks

I got the new color from Abigail plus another two. The inks are amazingly rich. Great colors and flow. I recommend to ink at least two different nibs to get the best experience. They behave completely different in a F than a B. The colors are amazing and very unique. She manage to get something very different and unique in every aspect

Third House Inks

What I love about the inks is the difference of colors from THI. There are completely different from the traditional ones from the other brands. Second the surprise! Every time you ink a pen with the same ink you are going to get something different. It is as if you keep getting new inks in the same bottle! Love the surprise. They are very adaptable and attractive to work with. Love the ink well with the dropper. It helps to do a great swatches and the little samples in the tiny bottle. Great packaging and customer service. I love everything

Amazing inks!

These ink are amazing! The colors are stunning and the pictures don’t do them justice. They are very rich and easy to work with. Love the inkwell and the little extras that come with them. Little by little I am building my collection!! Highly recommended

Love my pen and inks

I am in love with the pen and inks I ordered recently! You can see how meticulously crafted these pens are, and it’s been a fun conversation piece so far on top of being simply wonderful to use. The inks are excellent quality as well and I love the colors. Thanks, Abigail!

Beautiful Pen!

My only issue is that the extra-fine nib is not quite as fine as some other pens I have.


This was my very first order and first maker pen! All I can say is I couldn’t believe how amazing this pen is in person. I picked up the most beautiful piece named Silver Lining and it’s absolutely stunning! I chose the EF Flex nib and its pure perfection. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase and would highly recommend.

Beautiful Craftsmanship

The pen is beautiful and well-crafted. Abigail is a true artisan. It was shipped quickly and included a sample of ink. Highly recommend.

Stunning and functional

Abigail makes exquisite pieces of art - in this case, a fountain pen, with a solid, smooth feel on paper and in the hand; the fountain pen writes beautifully

The Bebe Fountain Pen in Magical Bacon

Third House Inks: Nightshade
Luis E Gutierrez Jr
Phenomenal ink at an amazing price

This ink has been great in my pen ever since I filled it up. No feathering on Tomoe River paper, it dries quickly, and no trouble with smearing. Lovely ink.

So Much Great Ink

I had the pleasure recently of being able to write with 3 great inks- Nevermore (an elegant charcoal-grey), Amanita (a lovely ruby red), and Longing (a very satisfying blue black). All write smoothly, have nice saturation, and dry quickly. There is really nothing more you can ask for in an ink.

You can nail jello to a wall

What's to complain about, you're fantastic

Artemis in Twilight Clouds
Artemis Rollerball

I’ve had this pen for a few months now, and I really like it. It has a good weight to it without being too heavy. I love that it works with my favorite refills, I already had so many in different colors. Using them in this queen of a pen has a fantastic feel, what an upgrade. Just waiting for the perfect fountain pen to come along to be its partner.

"Amanita" ink & "Flames" bottle stopper

Both are gorgeous! Amanita is a lovely brick red, kinda terra-cotta-ish. Nicely saturated and yet easy on the eyes, unlike some of the louder, blinding, four-alarm red inks I've got. Bottle stopper has a delightful sparkle that the photo on this site doesn't do justice to. Shipping was prompt; packaging was both substantial and stylish. I couldn't be happier.

Stunning functional art

My wife commissioned two different bottles stoppers that were absolutely perfect. I was so excited to receive these beautiful additions for my Christmas gift. Absolutely beautiful functional art. Abby was wonderful to work with in the project too and made exactly what we needed.

Stunning custom piece!

I commissioned Abigail to recreate one of her jewelry designs with my own stone for my wife for Christmas. I had high expectations and was still blown away by the final piece as was my wife!!!

Inks, glorious inks

Absolutely splendid inks! I have nothing to compare them to except bog-standard cartridge inks but whatever, Abigail's inks were the first ones I thought of when I went shopping for fancy fountain inks and I was not disappointed. Great colours and they really do dry fast. No smearing or running here. Even Arsenic Green is saturated enough to read easily on an extra-fine nib - it's currently my go-to ink. I love Nevermore and I wish I had a pen more worthy of it, and I'm still waiting for the right pen for Cunning Linguist.

Shipping was quick as hell and btw, inks don't freeze even if you forget them outside overnight in ~20 degree weather, oops.