This series is experimental  – in both material use and visual intent. 

Material use in the sense that encaustic paint is used like an oil and acrylic in these, while also working with the technical properties unique to encaustic paint – transparency, and it’s ease in conveying a sense of body and volume. The paint for this piece is handmade, with an unconventional ratio of beeswax to damar resin, allowing the paint to be worked with at a wider range of temperatures, without burning. Typically encaustic paint needs to be maintained within a narrow range of temperatures or it discolors and shifts the paint colors too significantly. The wider range of temperatures my handmade paint can handle allows for a broad range of effects that can be obtained by utilizing both traditional encaustic painting techniques and techniques typically reserved for oils and acrylic paint. These pieces utilize most of the techniques I’ve worked out to date. (That’s quite a few.)

These pieces are also experimental in their approach t composition, though mostly in the context of my own body of work. Where in other series, I have painted intuitively, following a gut sense of what the piece needs to accomplish sense of space and dimensionality, these pieces are a series of works focusing with intention and awareness on variations of color and shade as compositional masses to further enhance the sensation of that depth and three dimensional space. 

They are, of course, also experimental in regards to the framing and finishing. While I am aware that epoxy resin is a popular finishing device for many mainstream painting approaches, the addition of an 1/8th of an inch permanent flood coat of two part epoxy resin added after framing brings out both the colors of the encaustic paint, preventing bloom, and contributing further to the goal of a striking sense of infinite depth in each piece. The frame is custom built for each piece, from solid wood, and constructed to allow the painting to sit recessed from the front edge just slightly more than the depth of the resin coat, leaving the viewer feeling as if they are looking through a window into another space or dimension. Hence the series title – Dimensions.

I hope you enjoy the trip.