Abigail Markov, b. 1983, was born in the United States as the eldest of five children. Markov grew up predominantly in Massachusetts and Texas, moving frequently until late adulthood. Abigail is the mother of three children, and currently lives and works in rural Central Florida, where they also maintain The Tabula Rasa Farm.

About The work

Current fine art works are emotional landscapes with a heavy focus on saturated colors and high contrast organic forms. Medium is typically ink or handmade acrylic paints, but there’s really no limit to medium if it gets the results I want.

Which sounds very artist-emo, I totally own that, but c’mon, y’all, that’s what I am, so of course my work is going to reflect that. The art-craft hybrid works in alternative materials can be found in functional items such as bespoke pens, jewelry, and the soap on The Tabula Rasa Farm. 

I’m a very proud long-time member of ArtCan, a London-based non-profit arts organization.