Third House Inks: Cunning Linguist

Color: In bottle it’s very dark red, on paper it dries down (quickly) to a dark dusty rose.

Volume: 30ml, in a glass dropper bottle.

Batch: 19 bottles, Batch #0005

Ink Formula: Death Valley, quick drying. Writing sample is on 160gsm paper (Archer & Olive notebook) with Jowo M nib and an old favorite calligraphy nib (shown in photo.) Made with professional-grade ingredients and dyes.

A drier Fountain pen ink, though if you prefer a less viscous calligraphy ink, this also has been tested with dip nibs, and it does play along.

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Jen Taylor-Williams
Inks, glorious inks

Absolutely splendid inks! I have nothing to compare them to except bog-standard cartridge inks but whatever, Abigail's inks were the first ones I thought of when I went shopping for fancy fountain inks and I was not disappointed. Great colours and they really do dry fast. No smearing or running here. Even Arsenic Green is saturated enough to read easily on an extra-fine nib - it's currently my go-to ink. I love Nevermore and I wish I had a pen more worthy of it, and I'm still waiting for the right pen for Cunning Linguist.

Shipping was quick as hell and btw, inks don't freeze even if you forget them outside overnight in ~20 degree weather, oops.

Ryan Greene
A beautiful ink

I love this ink. Flows from my crow quill nib with ease, dries quickly, and as a lover of puns this was a must buy for me. Recommended.