Third House Inks: Longing

Color: An almost-black blue, with strong storm cloud grey undertones. Suits it’s name well.

Volume: 30ml, in a glass dropper bottle.

Ink Formula:

V2 – Everglades: Dries quickly, absorbs nicely. Rinses cleanly from fountain pen nibs and feeds, and didn’t bleed or feather unless we made a puddle of it on the paper. Highly recommended.

Made with professional, commercial ingredients and dyes.

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Jon H.
So Much Great Ink

I had the pleasure recently of being able to write with 3 great inks- Nevermore (an elegant charcoal-grey), Amanita (a lovely ruby red), and Longing (a very satisfying blue black). All write smoothly, have nice saturation, and dry quickly. There is really nothing more you can ask for in an ink.

Great Dark Grey-Blue

An excellent choice for dark grey-blue, writes well and behaves itself on my Moleskine paper, and very well on Leuctturm, as shown with a Medium nib.