Third House Inks: Creep, Batch #0012

Color: Neon green. If you’ve ever wanted to write with that eye-searing web green (you know, #00FF00), your time has come. Go forth, those of you who abandoned all sense of color theory in your CSS stylesheets, and bring back the forsaken depths of the 90’s web with your fountain pen. Fittingly named after the Radiohead song. (You know you had it autoplay on your GeoCities page just because you could. Haters gonna hate.)

Volume: 30ml, in a glass dropper bottle.

Batch: 30 bottles, Batch #0011

Ink Formula: Death Valley, quick drying. Writing sample is on 160gsm paper (Archer & Olive notebook) with Jowo M nib and an old favorite calligraphy nib (shown in photo.) Made with professional-grade ingredients and dyes.

A drier Fountain pen ink, though if you prefer a less viscous calligraphy ink, this also has been tested with dip nibs, and it does play along.

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