The Saturn Roller Ball in Cygnus Loop

Reclaim your focus, and make a statement at the same time: introducing the Saturn Roller Ball, a remarkable pen that combines elegance, inclusivity, and a playful nod to the wonders of science, astronomy, and human ingenuity.

Designed with inclusivity in mind, the Saturn Roller Ball Pen empowers individuals with vibrant minds to reclaim their sense of calm even during moments of challenge. By providing a discreet and silent fidgeting option, this pen combines the meditative experience of fidgeting with a smooth writing experience, allowing you to unwind, reclaim your balance, and ignite your creativity.

Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite individuality of each pen. The limited edition resin bodies, each expertly cast by an internationally collected fine artist, create a mesmerizing visual display, ensuring that your pen is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each pen is individually hand-crafted by the same fine artist with a near-infamous attention to detail to every component, including the hand-machined aluminum hardware. While polished to glass-like finish, each pen still selectively bears the mark of meticulous craftsmanship, with small tool marks to signal that it’s made by hand.

Equipped with a renowned Pentel gel refill, favored by professionals in high-demand fields, this pen works as tirelessly as you do. Its flawless ink delivery matches the pace of your thoughts, never skipping a beat. Whether you’re a waitress taking orders or a doctor scribbling notes, this pen is your alluring companion, ensuring your words flow seamlessly onto the page.

Named after the planet Saturn and echoing the design of the Saturn V rockets, this pen celebrates the advancements of science, astronomy, and human ingenuity. It’s not only a functional work of art but also a stunning tribute to the wonders of our universe and the ingenious minds that never let the impossible stop them.

Each Saturn Roller Ball Pen is a symbol of expert craftsmanship, artistic vision, and human ingenuity. Elevate your writing experience and embark on a journey of creativity, inspired by the captivating allure of the cosmos.

You will receive the exact pen shown here, gift boxed. US shipping and insurance is included.

This Exact Pen’s specifications:

  • Body: Cygnus Loop. One of the rare ultrashifts in the collection swirled with gloss black, Cygnus Loop shifts from olive green, through gold, bronze, to rose gold and on the very far end, cerise pink. 
  • Length with cap on: 6inches
  • Length with cap off: 5.5 inches.
  • Diameter at widest point: 0.5 inches.
  • Refill: Pentel EnerGel  0.7mm in dark navy. Any of these refills also will fit it.


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