The Bebe Fountain Pen in Fireworks


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Sunset orange, iridescent olive green, gold flecks, and deep purple flow together like fireworks fading in a midnight sky.

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Jowo #6

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The Bebe Fountain Pen in Fireworks

Why Bebe (beh-bee)?
Because when I made the prototype, my first response was: “OMG LOOK AT THE WEE BEBE FOUNTAIN PEN.” Yes, I am a nerd and I decided to lean into that. (C’mon, I make fountain pens. Nerd is a given.)

This pen was designed for people who prefer smaller grips and shorter, lighter-weight pens, but still want some… girth… in the body. As much art as it is a pen, each pen is one of a kind, turned from my own small-batch resin casts.

I mean it, too. Even when I make two Bebes from the same cast, every single Bebe pen is one of a kind – I cast to make sure of it. 

Each pen is also entirely hand-crafted, including the metal components. (The nibs, not yet.)

All of the resin material used is cast in-house. The bodies are cut, prepared, and shaped by hand on my trusty wood lathe, and the custom-designed metal components are machined and threaded about five feet away from there on my tiny metal lathe. Each pen is then carefully assembled and meticulously hand-polished in three different stages.

Sure, that seems like a lot of work for a pen, but I take my work seriously because I believe we all deserve to have our passions and joys treated with that kind of respect and consideration. If your passion is writing or fountain pens, you deserve a Bebe fountain pen in your pen collection. You deserve tools made by someone who is as passionate about what they do as you are.

Comes with a gift box. 

Nibs:  Jowo 6 (or compatible, if you choose to swap.)

Ink: Uses any standard fountain pen ink. Can take either a cartridge or Schmidt K5 International Converter. One converter is included, but extra are also available here

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Karen M
Incredible craftsmanship and beauty

To say I was astounded by the quality and beauty of this pen is a big understatement. I knew it was going to be fabulous but was blown away when I saw it for the first time. Abby is such a talent and it is clear that she has worked so hard at perfecting these pens into something out of this world. Worth every dollar spent. Weight and feel of the pen is perfection! I am sure I’ll be buying more in the future!