The Bebe Fountain Pen in Day Break

Design: The Bebe Fountain Pen. Narrower body end, technically posts, but not deeply.
Nib Options: Jowo #6 Steel, Fine, Medium,  Fine Flex, and Extra Fine Flex nibs or no nib available on request in notes at checkout. Leave blank for maker’s choice, or give a brief description of the way you write (pressure, letter size, speed) and I’ll choose. If the nib you request goes out of stock unexpectedly, it’ll take me about a week to get it in.
Body Material: Bronze and shimmering snow pearl with gold flashes and shimmer.
Length, closed: 5.8″
Length, cap off: 5.6″
Widest Diameter: Just a bit under 0.75″. Narrow end is approximately 11mm.
Ink: Uses any standard fountain pen ink. Can take either a cartridge or Schmidt K5 International Converter, available here. (Not included.)


I’ll open with the obligatory: Every single Bebe pen is one of a kind and entirely hand-crafted, including the metal components. All of the resin material used is cast in-house. The bodies are cut, prepared, and shaped by hand on my trusty wood lathe, and the custom-designed metal components are machined and threaded about five feet away from there on my tiny metal lathe. Each pen is then carefully assembled and meticulously hand-polished in three different stages.

Sure, that seems like a lot of work for a pen, but I take my work seriously because I believe we all deserve to have our passions and joys treated with that kind of respect and consideration. If your passion is writing or fountain pens, you deserve a Bebe fountain pen in your pen collection. You deserve tools made by someone who is as passionate about what they do as you are.

Comes with a gift box. 


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