Stiletto with Clip – Geostorm

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Double-Ended Seam Ripper in oil slick anodized hardware, with a Geostorm colorway body. Color-shifting purple, shimmering blue, and pops of orange.

There’s a lot to be learned from making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you want to leave them in your sewing work. This gorgeous stiletto will give you an extra point when you need to make neat holes in leather, fabric, paper, and more, with the bonus of being heavenly to hold and beautiful to look at. These are hand-turned to be a little heavier than your standard stileto, so that even after a long day or when your hands are tired, they’re going to be easy to hold and use. 

The stiletto end is removable and is stored safely inverted inside the body. Both ends have sets of o-rings on both the stabby side and the rounded side to keep it securely put in the body. The ends are completely interchangeable, so if you have another stiletto or seam ripper from me, you can swap pointy bits at your whim and pleasure.

Clipped body with stiletto end measures 5″, and includes the stiletto point.

You will receive the exact tool shown here.

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Jeanne Cupertino
Beautiful Pen and Stiletto

The Bebe Pen in Chaos Magic is gorgeous, and writes like a dream. It handles shimmer inks without problem, having a wonderfully juicy feed. A little wider than some mass-market pens, it’s actually perfect for my hand. I would strongly recommend to anyone that they get their own Bebe pen!

The stiletto is also gorgeous! Again, the wider handle is perfect for my hand. I appreciate the ability to stow the pointed end inside the body, making it safe to take along when I travel to sewing sessions.