Markov Modern Fountain Pen in Black & White Marble

Length: 6.75″ with cap, 6.5″ in hand, nib to end of body.

Nib: Jowo #6 ‘B’, 1.0mm line width, good for quick writing. I can substitute another standard Jowo #6 nib in, if I have it on hand, or if you are willing to wait for me to order it – include in the notes on the checkout page.

Individually designed, turned to shape on a lathe with hand tools, and polished by hand. Hand machined aluminum hardware (which is harder than you’d think.)

You will receive the exact pen shown. One of a kind, made from scratch in my workshop. Even the resin body is custom mixed, colored, cast, and cut in house.

Comes with standard international ink converter, empty, but can easily be swapped out, set aside, and replaced with standard ink cartridges. My favorite are J Herbin, if you enjoy colors, and Parker Quink if you want a fast drying ink in more standard colors. Both also come in bottles to use with the converter. You want to use fountain pen ink, however, NOT calligraphy ink – this is a modern fountain pen, NOT a dip nib calligraphy pen. If you have questions on how to set your pen’s ink up, feel free to @ me, message, or email and I’m happy to give you a quick walk through – it’s really not difficult to set one up!


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