Fidget Pen in Northern Lights Herringbone


Note: Unlike my usual listings, this is not for the exact pen shown. You will receive one of the five limited edition pens. They are all very similar, with subtle variations in the blue sections. They are similar enough it would be remarkably difficult to make sure people got the exact pen they ordered if I listed them individually.

Pen Body: Northern Lights Herringbone is a skillful fusion of organic casting with modern appeal. Featuring a captivating blend of color-shifting and iridescent blues, greens, and pearl, defined by black dividers. This striking pattern is accented by a subtly shimmering black top and bright chrome hardware. This pattern took weeks to cast, cut, and then hand-assemble, one piece at a time.  Each pen took at least 13 different resin components to build, and a very careful touch on the lathe so they didn’t shatter.  If you would like to see the video documenting the entire process, from cast to final assembly, you can find it here, on Instagram.

Pen Style: Twist Ballpoint Pen, Cross refill (included.)

Length: 5.5 inches

US Shipping is included.

This Fidget Pen is handcrafted, starting with a one of a kind resin cast and solid metal hardware. The resin was cast in house, and then hand-turned on a lathe in my studio, before being assembled and finished.

The center band (where the pen separates to replace your refill) spins freely, perfect for those who are prone to clicking or tapping their pens when focusing, but want something quieter and more elegant.



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