Double-Ended Seam Ripper – Lucy’s Diamonds

Quick Description:
Double-Ended Seam Ripper in Oilslick hardware, with Lucy’s Diamonds colorway body. Iridescent blues, greens, purples, and cheerful orange.

There’s a lot to be learned from making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you want to leave them in your sewing work. This gorgeous double-ended seam ripper will give you an extra edge (or two) when your stitches don’t quite come out the way you wanted, with the bonus of being heavenly to hold and beautiful to look at. These are hand-turned to be a little bit longer and thicker than your standard seam ripper, so that even after a long day or when your hands are tired, they’re going to be easy to hold and use. 

There are two ends in each set: Two seam ripper blades, in two sizes. Each end has sets of o-rings on both the blade side and the rounded side to keep it securely put in the body. The ends are completely interchangeable, so you can choose which blade goes in which end of the body to suit your craft room best. 

Double-Ended body measures 6″ when closed, and includes two sizes of blade. 

You will receive the exact seam ripper

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