Calligraphy Nib Holder: Purple Carrot

Colorway: Purple Carrot – bright orange with shimmering purple veins.
Style: Calligraphy Nib Holder, 5.5″ long, excluding nib.  Fits standard full size calligraphy nibs, like the Brause Steno (aka: The Blue Pumpkin.)

Exclusive to, these were designed, start to finish, by me – down to the custom cut brass nib holder insert to ensure years of swapping nibs out without wearing away and loosening the fit of your nibs in your holder. (I know first hand – I use calligraphy nibs in my Meditation paintings, and a loose nib is a pain!) I turned these nib holders in my signature resin casting style with a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Made of smooth, brilliant resin to support and enchant even the most dedicated calligraphers.

One of a kind, designed & handcrafted in my studio in Florida, USA. Nib NOT included. (Which is a good thing — I’m hard on my nibs, and that’s one of my personal nibs, heh.)

Comes gift boxed, and includes complimentary US shipping.


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