Artemis in Queen Mab

Pen Body: Named after Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies, Mab, our Queen Mab is an otherworldly blend of opaque turquoise, translucent black, grey, color-shifting lavender, and deep navy.
Hardware: Brass
Pen Style: Bock EF two tone fountain pen nib.
Length: Cap on 6.25 inches; Cap off 5.75 inches

The Artemis is our thicker-body Flagship Pen style. Each pen is a completely one of a kind work of functional art, start to finish, from the mesmerizing swirling colors to the each pen’s individual shape, girth, and length. The Solid Brass grip balances comfortably in hand, proving again and again why the Artemis is a pen for those who appreciate the sensual experience of writing with a good pen… and looking good while doing it. The gorgeous colors and shape guaranteed to stand out and to withstand the test of time – these pens are a classic heirloom that won’t ever go out of style. 

Comfortable in the hand, with a Bock extra fine nib, these pens write fast, smooth, and sit in the hand with a weight that draws your attention into the moment, to your writing, not getting your pen to sit in your hand. 

Each of these pens is absolutely one of a kind, and we do not replicate or reproduce them. They come in a black gift box, with a relevant refill or ink & converter included. 

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