Apollo in Blue Oxide & Brass

Meet the Apollo in Blue Oxide & Brass, our slimmer profile roller ball that’s a true work of art. Each pen is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted from start to finish, showcasing mesmerizing swirling colors and custom hand-cut double brass inlays in both the body and cap.

The translucent deep blue and metallic copper creates a captivating combination, while the solid lead-free brass hardware with an antique finish adds a touch of elegance. Measuring 5.6 inches with the cap on and just under 5 inches with the cap off, this rollerball pen features a Schmidt 5888 refill for a smooth and effortless writing experience.

The Apollo is designed for those who appreciate the tactile pleasure of writing with a high-quality pen and making a stylish statement. The emphasis on color and shape sets these pens apart, ensuring they remain timeless and cherished heirlooms.

With its comfortable grip and balanced weight, the Apollo allows you to effortlessly glide across the page, immersing yourself in the writing process. Each pen is truly one of a kind, and we never replicate or reproduce them. They come packaged in a black gift box, complete with a relevant refill or ink and converter.

Enjoy free shipping within the US and experience the joy of owning a truly exceptional writing instrument.

Pen Body: Translucent deep blue, metallic copper., with custom hand-cut double brass inlays in both the body and the cap, as shown.
Hardware: Solid lead-free brass, antique finish.
Pen Style: Rollerball, Schmidt 5888 refill.
Length: Cap on 5.6 inches; Cap off is just under 5 inches.
The Making Of Video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmMYsCrumsX/


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